Finding the best gold dealer for you can be a struggle. Knowing what to look for and how to tell the good from the bad is essential if you’re to avoid financial loss. Think about how many gold and silver dealers there are in the US alone. Hundreds, thousands, perhaps more, many of which are faceless web-based entities. These large online dealers can be impersonal and frightening. You never know what to expect with some dealers, for whom your only port of call is a host of call center representatives. With companies like these, it’s difficult to tell whether you’re getting trustworthy advice or having the wool pulled over your eyes.

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Look at Their Reputation

Reputation means a lot when searching for the right precious metals dealer. We recommend you do your research before making any quick decisions. You don’t want to jump straight in only to regret your actions later. Before you start any dealings, ensure your chosen dealer has the best reputation possible. Look at customer testimonials, look at their BBB rating, and gather as much information as you can. The more you know, the better your understanding of the company. You’ll know if they’re right for you or not without having to reach out to them. That way, you’ll avoid any potentially disastrous business decisions.

Dealer Positioning

Legitimate dealers, while not in great supply, aren’t extinct. Unfortunately, for some less reputable companies, their bottom line is all about money. They’ll try to upsell as much as possible, especially as they profit more from rare numismatic coins as opposed to everyday bullion. Beware of sales tricks, as untrustworthy dealers won’t hesitate to use scare tactics to push high margin items. They are only concerned with emptying your wallets and have no consideration for your investing goals. Don’t let them push you around. Remember, this is your financial future, these are your assets, so don’t act too quickly. If they pull any of these tricks on the phone, you’ll be able to spot them immediately.

What About Their Buy Back Policy?

Remember, gold bullion is more than an extremely expensive household ornament. It’s an investment. This means, once you’ve bought it, you’re going to have to sell it again when the time is right. It pays to bear in mind your long-term plans when buying precious metals. Don’t just go off the initial price. Check out your dealer’s buy back policy to ensure you’re fully aware of your options. Some dealers will be coy about the exact terms of their policy, which means only one thing: you shouldn’t trust them. Furthermore, some companies don’t buy any precious metals at all, essentially because they act as resellers. When you know the terms and conditions, you can decide on the best plan of action.