With the average wedding now costing upwards of £25,000, getting hitched is becoming an event that we might never pay off.

Roughly a quarter of a million of us choose to tie the knot in the UK every year and weddings have become quite an industry. Whether you’ve been dreaming all your life of the big day, or it’s a more recent development, financing a wedding can seem like an intimidating prospect. But it is possible – and there are many reasons why saving for the perfect wedding makes a lot of sense.

It takes the pressure off your parents/relatives

There are all sorts of global traditions that require one or both sets of parents to contribute to the cost of a wedding. What these don’t take into account is just how much more expensive weddings are now. If you’ve saved for your wedding then there are no difficult conversations to be had about where mum and dad are going to find a spare £25k if they don’t have savings or your parents ending up considering guarantor loans to cover the cost of your wedding.

You’re in control

Saving for your wedding gives you choices. If you have very specific ideas about the way you want the day to go, the venue, the décor, the dress then, with money in the bank, you can make it happen. Plus, if you’re spending your own hard earned cash you can be a complete bridezilla about the whole thing. No choosing the venue your mum likes because she’s paying for it – you can create the day that works for you without having to worry about the need to borrow money.

Saving means plenty of time to plan

Weddings are not your average event to organise. Apart from getting all the guests in the right place at the right time, there are many other factors that contribute to making it the perfect day. Finding your ideal venue on a date that you actually want to get married, booking a band, caterers and transport – even finding a dress – trying to do any of these in a rush can deliver a less than perfect result. Save for your wedding and you can make these decisions early, whether you’re actually booking a venue years in advance or just researching your options. You’ll pay less and be able to organise more with all that advance planning.

You’ll have a stress free day

A wedding paid for from savings has no consequences. You’re not going to arrive back from your honeymoon to huge credit card debts or unpaid bills from the people who made your day happen. Plus, you’ll get a sense of achievement from knowing that you’ve paid for the perfect wedding on your own – once you’ve managed your money successfully for something as sizeable as this there’s very little else you can’t do.

  • Savings make for a stress free wedding
  • Setting money aside gives you choices
  • You don’t have to compromise when you’re spending your own cash
  • Your family don’t have to bear the costs
  • When you start saving, start planning, and you’ll have all the time and resources you need to create the perfect day