Numismatists around the world are constantly seeking ways to improve their coin collections, and one such way to make your collection stand out is to clean it.

Whether you are an avid collector or your collection is just starting, a collection of bright, clean coins can improve the aesthetics of any collection; however, cleaning each coin is often easier said than done. In fact, if done incorrectly, it could permanently damage some of your coins making them worthless.

Copper coins, one of the most common items in a collection, are often dirty and grimey when found. If you want to quickly clean these coins, you might consider using copper cleaner; however, you can also use a few items that you might have in your home to safely clean the grime off of copper coins.


Who doesn’t have ketchup in their home? If you have copper bullion in your collection that is looking dingy, put a dab of ketchup on it and scrub it with a toothbrush. When done, run it under some warm water and watch the dirt and grime disappear.

Hot Sauce

If you are a coin collector who also likes hot sauce, then you are in luck when the time comes to clean your copper coins. To clean a coin, simply pour some hot sauce and let it sit for a few minutes. When done, run it under hot water, and your coin will look as good as new.

If you are seeking to be a bit more adventurous, try cleaning your coin with a packet of Taco Bell hot sauce.

Salt and Vinegar

This simple combination of common household items is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning copper coins. In fact, salt and vinegar are two of the main ingredients in both ketchup and most hot sauces.

To clean your coins, simply combine the two materials and pour some over your coins. After a few minutes, run them under warm water. You will be amazed by how bright your coins look.